Test comprehension before testing commitment

We’ve build a template to help you perfect your value propositions before you test them. Running a comprehension test will help you make sure that users understand your value proposition in the first place – before testing whether the value descibed is even desired.

The comprehension test sheet forces you to make the following things explicit:

  • Did you address the pain points of the problems your customers are experiencing?
  • Did you address the benefits your customers will reap from your product or service?
  • Did you make sure to design your value proposition for specific target audiences?
  • Did you provide social proof of what you are claiming?
  • Do you have any authority to back it up?
  • Did you frame your value proposition from the customers point of view or from your company’s?
Download the Comprehension test sheet

The test comprehension sheet forces you to think through your value proposition before putting time and effort into testing it. Do you explain the pains and gains of your product and do you back it up with evidence?

Download comprehension test sheet

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