Creating A Product Vision

How should a bold product vision be defined and presented to stakeholders?

A product vision is an attractive and appealing description of what a product could become in the future. A product vision should be ambitious and provide direction, inspiring product teams to achieve greatness. Product teams use the product vision to inform their product strategy and decisions about what to build next as well as aligning stakeholders around a shared goal.

A product vision should not be confused with a product mission, which is a statement that describes why a product exists. While the product mission is important, it doesn’t provide the same level of guidance for decision-making that a product vision does.

Defining an ambitious product vision is essential for any product-led organization. It’s the product North Star that will help you make sound product decisions, rally your team, and align your stakeholders.

Questions to think about: What are you trying to accomplish? Why does it matter? Who are you users? What are their needs? What are their pain points? What is the minimal viable product that would still reach your target users and achieve your desired outcome?

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