Deploying Strategy

Close the gap between strategy and action. Learn how to turn intent into, and planning into execution, and execution into results as you roll out and align on company strategy whille maintaining autonomy to figure out its parts.

Too often, strategy remains theoretical–a set of intentions that never turn into action. Other times, strategy is developed without input from those who will be tasked with executing it, leading to a disconnect between plan and action. And even when strategy is successfully deployed, it can quickly become outdated, resulting in wasted effort and missed opportunities.

The key to turning strategy into results is to close the gap between intention and execution. This starts with developing a clear and achievable plan that takes into account the resources and constraints of those who will be tasked with carrying it out. It also requires maintaining alignment between strategy and action by regularly assessing progress and course-correcting as needed. It necessitates granting autonomy to those responsible for strategy implementation while still holding them accountable for results.

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