Giving Effective Feedback

Methods for providing constructive feedback to team members.

Giving effective feedback is an important part of being a effective leader and team member. Feedback is a coaching opportunity to help team members learn, grow and improve. Effective feedback is clear, specific, objective and actionable. It should be given in a timely manner, ideally close to the event or behavior being discussed. Feedback should also be ongoing, not just given during annual performance reviews.

The goal of feedback is to help team members improve and in turn become more successful both alone and together.

Learn how to steer away from destructive and demoralizing feedback by avoid giving criticism that is vague, personal or subjective. Instead, aim to provide feedback that is constructive and will help team members to improve. Providing effective feedback is an important part of growing and leading a team. By being clear, specific and actionable, you can help team members learn, grow and improve.

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