Go to Market Strategy for new features

Steps for developing a go-to-market strategy for specific features launching on post-traction companies.

In product marketing, a go-to-market strategy (GTM strategy) refers to the planning and execution of activities designed to successfully introduce a new product or feature into the marketplace. The GTM strategy should be tailored to the specific product and market being targeted, and should clearly define the goals and objectives for the product launch.

These mentors can help you with everything from defining the target market for your product or feature, determine what needs and wants your target market has that your product or feature can address, develop a positioning strategy, creating a unique value proposition for your product or feature, developing a launch plan including a timeline of activities leading up to the product launch as well as a detailed plan for how you will promote your product or feature once it is live. Additionally, you can get help identifying any potential risks that could impact the success of your launch, and create contingency plans accordingly.

Mentors can help you determind what an mix of resources you need in place to support your launch plans - both by defining your execution team and identifying how what an adequate budget allotment looks like.

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