Improve your product onboarding

How to identify product onboarding bottlenecks and what you can do to improve product adoption.

The onboarding funnel starts with activation, when a user first signs up or downloads your product. Hoopefully, they progress to the “aha” moment oof your product: when they realize the value of your product. Hopefully this is enough for users to become regular, engaged users.

However, many users never make it to the aha moment. There are a number of reasons why users drop off at each stage of the onboarding funnel: One example could be that they just don’t understand how to use your product, they may not see the value in it, or how it can solve their problem. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to identify drop-off points in your onboarding process so you can improve product adoption, step by step, focusing surgically on one part of the journey at a time. By identifying and addressing the issues that cause users to drop off, you can improve product adoption and help more users get the most out of your product.

Most critically of all is that you understand your users and have frequent research touchpoints with them - both qualitative and quantitative.

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