Keeping Team Members Motivated

Understanding factors that lead to a motivated team - recognition, autonomy, purpose, communication, and more.

How can you keep your team motivated? It’s a question that all managers grapple with at some point. After all, motivation is essential for productivity, innovation and morale. Did you consider any of these strategies?

  1. Providing Autonomy: Nobody likes to be micromanaged. By giving your team members autonomy over their work, you’ll help them feel more empowered and engaged. Employees need to feel that they have a certain degree of control over their work in order to be motivated

  2. Communicate the Purpose: Why does your team exist? What is the larger purpose of the work that you’re doing? Make sure that your team members understand the answer to these questions. When people feel like they’re working towards something bigger than themselves, they’re more likely to be motivated. Employees need to feel that their work is meaningful and that they are making a contribution to the organization.

  3. Offer Opportunities for mastery: We all want to get better at what we do. By offering opportunities for your team members to develop their skills and knowledge, you’ll help them feel more motivated and engaged in their work.

  4. Recognize Achievement: Everybody appreciates a pat on the back when they’ve done a good job. Make sure to recognize the achievement of your team members, both large and small. This will help them feel appreciated and valued.

  5. Encourage collaboration: Collaboration is essential for innovation. By encouraging teamwork and collaboration, you’ll help create an environment where creativity can thrive.

  6. Promote open communication: Open communication is essential for a healthy workplace. By promoting open communication, you’ll help ensure that everyone on your team feels heard and respected.

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