Leveraging Product Analytics

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How can you improve your product if you don’t know how it’s being used? Product analytics is the practice of using data to understand how your product is being used and by whom. It’s a crucial part of any product development process, as it allows you to track progress, measure success, and identify areas for improvement.

What behaviors is makes sense to track varies depending on your goals, but common metrics include things like sign-ups, conversion rates, and time spent using the product. Establishing a funnel that captures user behavior allows you to track how users move through your product and identify where they drop off. A mentor who is used to setting up product analytics can help guide you toward what makes sense for you to track and how to present it.

Product analytics tooling is a topic in itself. What systems are best for tracking and reporting data in your specific case. What analytics software is available and how do they match your report expectations.

Do you want to focus on acquisition, activation, engagement, retention, or some other conversion? What frameworks can help you get a grip of what’s important to track?

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