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How to shift your focus from features to outcomes with OKRs

Masterclass by author and product coach, Christina Lange

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Christina Lange is a OKR practitioner, coach, and author of the book “OKRs in Practise”

The course will enable product teams to use OKRs effectively as a tool for making decisions in the context of Product Strategy, Product Discovery, and Scrum. It will provide practical guidance and real-world examples to help participants apply OKRs to their everyday work.

What’s wrong with focusing on features?

Too many product teams focus solely on shipping new features without considering if they will actually create success for users or drive business results. This approach can result in a lack of direction and focus, and ultimately lead to a failure to achieve desired outcomes – what you actually set out to do.

What you will learn and practice

  • Creating an outcome-driven mindset in the organization
  • Applyig OKRs to execute your (product) strategy.
  • Crafting inspiring objectives that drive your business goals
  • Making OKRs measurable through outcome-oriented key results.
  • Measuring progress by creating data habits that stick
  • Facilitating impactful OKR Events tailored to the context of your company.
  • Strengthen cross functional collaboration with OKR routines.
  • Rolling out OKRs and ensuring management buy-in.
  • The role of an OKR Master/ Coach.
  • Overcoming common OKR impediments.
  • Adapting the OKR framework to fit your organization's unique needs.
Damaris Landmesser

“Not just about the framework & theoretical application of OKRs, but [...] many pragmatic tips & tricks for going into practice.”

Damaris Landmesser
Entrepreneur, Advisor, Coach, Trainer & Keynote Speaker | Previous leader @Google
Rehan Saleem

"I wholeheartedly recommend Christina for anyone looking for an OKR expert. She supported us to build a self organized team which can work with OKRs with strategy and outcome in focus."

Rehan Saleem
Product Lead
Gabriele Wenzler

"Christina Lange convinced with her analytical, structured and sustainable way of working. In addition to her OKR knowledge and skills, we value Christina as an empathetic personality."

Gabriele Wenzler
Head of People Operations, COMBERA

"It is not only about theoretical concepts, but also about many practical tips and tricks that can be directly integrated into the work. [...] The toolbox for one's own everyday life is also very helpful. It is super structured, easy to understand and above all does one thing right: it brings an increasingly relevant topic from theory into practice."

Anonymous Reviewer
Senior Product Manager

"If you ever find yourself in a pickle, looking for best practices with the OKR framework, this [...] will offer the clearest perspective."



Day 1


  • Introduction to OKRs
    Understanding the fundamentals and how they differ
  • The benefits of OKRs for product teams
    How OKRs can drive alignment, focus, and outcome-driven mindset from KPIs and traditional goal-setting frameworks
  • Data-Inspired Decision Making
    Understanding the importance of data and metrics in OKRs
  • Writing Effective Objectives
    How to create clear, measurable, and inspiring objectives
  • Key Results
    How to define measurable and achievable key results that support your objectives
  • Creating Realistic OKRs
    Setting targets that are both challenging and realistic


  • What about activities?
    Understanding the role of activities in OKRs and why output still matters.
  • Measuring Progress
    How to track and measure progress against OKRs
  • OKR Cycle and Event
    Understanding the different phases of the OKR cycle and how to adapt it to your organization's context
  • How OKRs are used in practise
    Learn similarities in how some of the best product companies have implemented OKRs, what they all struggle with, and how they have overcome it.

Day 2


  • North Star Metrics & OKRs
    Understanding the role of North Star Metrics in setting objectives and measuring progress
  • Business Metrics vs Product Metrics
    Understanding the differences and how to set objectives and key results for each
  • Output vs Outcome OKRs
    When and how to use Output OKRs
  • Leading vs Lagging Indicators
    How to identify and use leading indicators in OKRs
  • Anti-Patterns
    How to avoid the most common anti-patterns


  • Implementing OKRs in Your Organization
    Best practices for rolling out OKRs in your organization, engaging senior management, and the team
  • The Role of an OKR Master
    Understanding the role of the OKR Master and how to take on that role within your organization
  • Real-life Use Cases
    Case studies and examples of companies who have successfully implemented OKRs
  • Conclusion and Next Steps
    Wrap-up and next steps for applying OKRs within your own organization

Who is this course for?


Product Leaders, Product Managers, and Product owners ready to lead with outcome and abondon the feature factory


Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches looking to actually make a change.


Members of a product team ready to contribute rather than output.

Are you committed to implementing OKRs in your organization or looking to take your OKR practice to the next level? If so, the OKR Masterclass is designed for you.

This course is a great fit for companies that already use OKRs or are committed to start using OKRs. It is also beneficial for Product Managers and their teams who intend to advocate for OKR adoption within their organization.

Despite covering the fundamentals of defining OKR sets and the OKR Cycle, successful OKR implementation typically necessitates buy-in from the entire organization.

Drive your strategy with confidence

Shift your focus from features to outcomes with OKRs

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OKRs in practice by Christina Lange

Meet your instructor

Christina Lange is a OKR practitioner, coach, and author of the book “OKRs in Practise”

Christina is a trainer, coach and leader with a passion for simplicity, focus, and OKRs. In the past 15 years she gained experience in change management, agility & product management. Whether you're asking yourself on how to align product teams towards a common direction, on how to draft OKR-Sets in a pragmatic way or how to implement OKRs in your context, Christina has the skills and experience to help you succeed.

Besides applying OKR in her leadership role in a tech organization, she's exploring how OKRs get applied in different industries. For her book "OKR in practice" she interviewed +30 OKR practitioners on how they use and benefit from OKRs.

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