“Product Discovery Masterclass”

2-day product experimentation
crash course

Master the mindset, process, tools, and tactics of rapid product experimentation. No code required.

Stuck in the Product Death Cycle?

Startups and corporate innovation teams face extreme uncertainty with their business models, products, and services.

It is no longer enough to ask customers what they want, go build it, and reap the benefits.

For any innovation to happend, organizations need to constantly probe the market and adapt ot find the needs behind the features.

We teach a blend of lean startup, design thinking, and business model innovation to help you build products that matter.

The Product Death Cycle - no one uses your product so you ask customers what features are missing, you go ahead and build them - and still - no one uses your product...

Validate your product ideas before implementing them

Validate, adopt, and scale

Avoid expensive implementation and humiliating product launches by validating value- and growth-assumptions around the problem, market, product, and willingness to pay of your product, before writing a single line of code.

Venn Diagram explaining what Learn startup product experimentation is

Learn to maximize the certainty of success at the earliest possible time – before initiating and rolling out expensive implementation projects.

Don't go implement untested products nobody wants.

Don't implement something nobody wants

For any innovation work, your chances of success on first try are close to zero.

We'll open up our playbook of quick and cheap product experiments that will help you discover product/market fit before your competition.

Who is teaching this course?

Hi! My name is Anders Toxboe. I have headed startups, medium sized companies, and large corporations through agile and lean transformations for a decade, helping product teams experiment their way to launching successful products on a streak.

I have worked with dozens of startups and corporate innovation teams on the development, launch, and growth of new products and business initiatives. I also created the popular Validation Pattern card deck used in this course.

I have created this course to help you avoid the common pitfalls of product innovation. I'll show you the best way to kickstart your product ideas without wasting money, effort, and time building products nobody wants.

Find me on Twitter or LinkedIn or simply get in touch.

Our product experiment playbook

The Validation Patterns card deck

We created the Validation patterns card deck. It is a collection of 60 of the most common lean product experiments regularly used by product proffesionals at companies like Spotify, Booking.com, Facebook, Amazon, and Google and recommended by top universities like Havard, MIT, and Stanford.

Throughout the course, we'll use the Validation Patterns card deck as a shared reference point. We'll try them out and build together. No code required.

When participating in the 2-day crash course (not conference workshop), you will take home a Validation Pattern card deck of your own.

We've trained people at

What can you do after the course?

Your mindset will be changed forever

You will be empowered to mover faster, executing quick experiments to level arguments with (your own) data, and be ruthless and fast on what to test and where to start.

Implement rapid experimentation with your team

Learn how to implement the process of rapid experimentation for yourself and your team to rocket fuel your innovation velocity with concrete actions to make it happen.

Make it happen – move forward with hands-on skills

You will learn about the most common smart and easy product experiments from creating landing pages to collecting pre-orders on your way to product-market fit. We will practice them together hands-on, giving you a head start as you get back to the office.


Day 1

The foundation

  • Escape tunnel vision: when business plans are a waste of time
  • Forget the solution – embrace the problem
  • Two modes: Search vs execution
  • The experimentation mindset
  • Start with questions rather than data

Product Experiments

  • Observation vs preference
  • How does an experiment look like?
  • What you need to learn to understand if your idea might work
  • Prioritizing: Experiment timing & discovering your most critical assumption
  • Learning from experiments: Pivot, Persevere or abandon?
  • Taking action: Discovery backlog
  • Summing up research: Opportunities, assumptions solution mapping
  • Experiment pairing, de-risking, and certainty thresholds

Day 2

Making it happen in your organization

  • Continuous Product Discovery
  • Opportunity Solution trees
  • Organizational implementation: transition framework
  • Building an experiment team

Putting action behind the words

  • Improvements, growth hacking & incremental redesigns
  • Defining outcomes & KPIs
  • Mashups: building no-code MVPs
  • Product teams
  • Making the change as an organisation

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“A very useful course with engaging content. After attending, I have incorporated these awesome experimentation methods into my user research sessions and have gained excellent user insights to guide my design decisions.”
Ryan Wiseman, Deloitte LLP
“The two-day course have helped us discover a new way of working. It introduced us to a range of different processes and tools that can be implemented immediately!”

Who is this course for?

  • Product Designers
  • Business Developers
  • Product Owners & their teams
  • Marketers
  • CEOs
  • Executives & VPs
  • Digital Consultants
  • Managers
  • Developers
  • Startup Founders
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Account Managers and Sales
  • Consultants
  • Anyone interested in building and grow products that users love...

Meet your instructor

Anders Toxboe has helped and directed companies build successful products and lead digital, agile, and lean transformations for more than a decade.

Anders is the founder of UI-Patterns.com, frequently speaks on product innovation, and have recently launched the Validation Patterns card deck – a collection of 60 of the most common lean product experiments regularly used by the worlds' top product builders.

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Sep 1-2
Tuesday & Wednesday, Sep 1-2, 2020
from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
EUR 1299,-
2-day crash course
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