Workshop Exercises: Evaluate

Head / Heart / Hand

Evaluate an idea on its logical, emotional, and practical qualities

Illustration of Head / Heart / Hand
Run a Head / Heart / Hand play

Also called: 3H, Heart/Hand/Mind

Timing: Planning

Origin: David Orr

Run time
30-45 minutes

Group size

Why: Consider logical, emotional, and practical aspects to understand impact, feasibility, and desirability

When: During idea evaluation or decision-making workshops to ensure analysis and alignment of ideas with various dimensions

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Instructions for running this play

  1. Agree on the topic of your brainstorm. It could be evaluating a project, idea, or activity.
  2. Facilitate a discussion on the following topics using the following questions:
    • Head (logical) - cognitive why
      • How do we help people understand?
      • Does it support business objectives?
      • What’s the sense of urgency or burning platform?
    • Heart (emotional) - affective empathy
      • Why would someone care?
      • Who will be excited about this idea?
      • How will it make people feel?
    • Hand (practical) - how
      • How will you execute?
      • What training will they need?
      • Which processes and policies will need to change – and how?
  3. Decide as a group whether it makes sense to develop the project, idea, or activity further.

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