Business Model Generation: Value network


Offer rewards to an unknown crowd for reaching specified outcomes

Illustration of Bounties
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Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Relationships Customer Segments
Key Resources Channels
Cost Structures Revenue Streams
The business model canvas was designed by Business Model Fondry AG and distributed under a Creative Commons license.

How: Offer a lump sum of money to the first person who solves a specified task or problem or makes an important discovery (for instance a software bug).

Why: Engage a crowd of skilled professionals regardless of affiliation to solve specific problems or for making important discoveries that will help your business move forward.

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Trigger Questions

  • How can you leverage the crowd to take part in solving your most critical challenges?
  • Do you need quality control to ensure that bounties are ethical?



An army of hackers-for-good help test and secure software through security bounty programs provided by businesses.


Bountysource facilitates funding for Open Source software, setting up bounty program for implemented features or bug fixes.

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