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We help organizations thrive to build successful products

We offer practical, experience-based advice with a solid foundation in theory.

Having navigated the challenges you're facing, we're here to offer guidance and reassurance. We'll help you confidently step beyond your comfort zone.

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Our business is your business. It is the impact we make for our clients that matters.

We are a multi-disciplinary, entrepreneurial team of professionals with a strong track record of building successful products.

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With an agile starting point, we use rapid experimentation to test and build customer experiences, innovative business models, go-to-market- and growth strategies, and digital products that work.

It's not about following a rigid set of rules or waiting for the environment around you to change. The change comes when you, as an individual or as a team, have the courage to take action. We are experts in building the required foundation to builld that confidence.

Moving from theory to practice requires more than just textbook knowledge. It requires support, guidance, and a pillar to lean on. Learning Loop is that pillar.

  • In-house training

    Empowering startups and corporate teams to master rapid experimentation, embedding product experimentation skills of the future into the DNA of your organization.

  • Strategy consulting

    Guiding you in discovering and evaluating new business opportunities, and working with you to innovate, validate, and grow them to ensure that they are both viable, feasisble, and desirable.

  • Transformational coaching

    Fostering innovation with a roadmap that combines capabilities and business opportunities, you will both acquire critical knowledge and set your company up to be in a position to take the market lead.

  • Product-market fit & go-to-market strategy

    Assisting you in challenging assumptions and refining your value proposition through rapid experimentation, ensuring a solid execution plan.

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We cultivate a community of distinguished coaches known as The Fellowship. A Learning Loop Fellow is not just a coach but a seasoned product leadership expert, combining practical experience with a deep understanding of product development and strategy.

If you have a proven track record within product and you are passionate about helping companies succeed, you should explore the opportunity of becoming a Fellow with Learning Loop. Join our mission in guiding the next wave of product leaders.

A Learning Loop Fellow is actively engaged in the product community and live to make our field of product blossom. If a felloww isn't currently an active mentor on our mentor platform, they have been so previously.

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Product Loop provides an opportunity for Product professionals and their peers to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Design, Development and Management, Business Modelling, Metrics, User Experience and all the other things that get us excited.

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