Workshop Exercises: Ideate

Reverse Brainstorming

Prompt your group to think of problems rather than solutions

Illustration of Reverse Brainstorming
Run a Reverse Brainstorming play

Timing: Discovery

Run time
30-45 minutes

Group size

Why: Flip creativity on its head and unlock new pathways to solutions by questioning the problem definition

When: Ideal to get unstuck and refresh the thinking process

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Instructions for running this play

  1. Frame the problem. Agree on the challenge or question you want to explore as a group. How Might We is a great way to frame the question.
  2. Reverse the problem. Instead of thinking of solutions, think of causes or things that could happen to make the idea worse.
    Problem: How might we lower spam mail?
    Anti-problem: How might we increase the amount of spam?
  3. Collect ideas. Generate ideas around how the problem could get worse. Accept every possible scenario without criticism – there are no bad ideas. Consider running a Crazy Eights or Round Robin to generate ideas.
  4. Reverse ideas again. Discuss the top ideas and reverse them back into solutions to those problems.
    Anti-solution: Display employee emails directly on company websites.
    Real solution: Remove employee emails from company websites.
  5. Evaluate ideas. Which are feasible and which will have the most impact?

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