Workshop Exercises: Decide

Roman Voting

Show support using your thumbs

Illustration of Roman Voting
Run a Roman Voting play

Also called: Thumb Voting, Roman Thumbs

Alternative plays: Dot Voting, Fist to Five, Note and Vote

See also: Fist to Five

Timing: Execution

Run time
1 minute

Group size

Why: Promote active participation in decisions through a visual representation of the group's preferences

When: Use to quickly gauge which of multiple options or alternatives has the most backing from the group

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Instructions for running this play

  1. Ask the group to show how they stand on an idea or proposal.
  2. Each person responds by showing a thumbs-up, thumb-sideways, or thumbs-down.
  3. The group moves forward only when everyone shows either a thumbs-up or thumb-sideways. Discuss until everyone has had a chance to express their view for disagreeing on the proposal and everyone agrees to move forward.
Thumbs-up indicates agreement with the proposal as stated or presented. It’s a “Yes, I can accept that decision and want to move forward with consensus agreement.”
Thumbs-sideways indicates incomplete agreement or desire to modify the proposal, but does not rise to the level that would cause a member to block consensus.It’s a “It’s good enough, I can live with it, and want to move forward.”
Thumbs-down indicates a strong disagreement with the proposal and a block of the consensus on the proposal.It’s a “I do not like the proposal and want to share my opinion and ideas with the group before moving forward.”

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