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Workshops often revolve around generating a multitude of ideas and addressing various problems. However, the real challenge often lies not in ideation but in decision-making - prioritizing the ideas or issues that warrant immediate focus and action. That’s where our Decision exercises come in.

The “Decision” category of the Workshop Patterns Playbook is a dedicated collection of exercises that facilitate structured decision-making and prioritization processes. The tools in this section empower you to sift through ideas or problems, rank them based on your specific needs, and ultimately decide what to focus on.

Each exercise is unique, catering to different workshop settings, group sizes, and decision-making requirements. Whether you need to achieve consensus within a diverse group or rank a list of potential product features, you’ll find an exercise that can help.

Effective decision-making in workshops relies heavily on understanding your needs and those of the group. Choose the exercise that best aligns with your workshop objectives, the dynamics of the group, and the nature of the decisions to be made.

Empower your participants to make decisions that drive action and results!

These workshop exercises are part of the Workshop Patterns printed card deck.

A collection of workshop exercises that will help you ditch dull meetings and facilitate with confidence. It will help you master the design process and have more productive time with your team. The card deck will be ready for purchase in the end of 2025 and is now undergoing rigorous testing.

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$100 Test illustration
$100 Test

Prioritize a list deciding where to spend $100

Assumptions Mapping illustration
Assumptions Mapping

Focus product discovery to move your idea forward

Blind Voting illustration
Blind Voting

Neutralize dominating personalities & opinions by voting anonymously

Decider Vote illustration
Decider Vote

Each participant shares their opinion and lets the decider cast their vote

Dot Voting illustration
Dot Voting

Use colored dots to vote on the importance of individual items

Fist to Five illustration
Fist to Five

Quickly collect feedback or gauge support during a meeting

Five-Fingered Consensus illustration
Five-Fingered Consensus

Quickly gauge break-out group consensus

Heatmap Voting illustration
Heatmap Voting

Visually indicate the winning idea by creating a heatmap of opinions

Letter to Myself illustration
Letter to Myself

List key actions for your future self and explain why change needs to happen

Note and Vote illustration
Note and Vote

Sticky votes on the wall

Priority Mapping illustration
Priority Mapping

Direct decision-making through pre-selected criteria

Project Plan illustration
Project Plan

Make a timeline to define the phases of your project

Prune the Product Tree illustration
Prune the Product Tree

Shape the future of your product collaboratively

RACI Matrix Mapping illustration
RACI Matrix Mapping

Clarify roles and responsibilities

Red:Green Cards illustration
Red:Green Cards

Let participants indicate approval or disapproval visually

Roles and Responsibilities illustration
Roles and Responsibilities

Understand and agree on what one another does

Roman Voting illustration
Roman Voting

Show support using your thumbs

Stack Ranking illustration
Stack Ranking

Obligate a group to rank items relative to the others

Straw Poll illustration
Straw Poll

Each participant vote with one dot with their name on it

Trade-off Sliders illustration
Trade-off Sliders

Visually prioritize project or product dimensions with stakeholders

Who / What / When Matrix illustration
Who / What / When Matrix

Unite a group with tasks they've crafted and committed to

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