Workshop Exercises: Decide

Decider Vote

Each participant shares their opinion and lets the decider cast their vote

Illustration of Decider Vote
Run a Decider Vote play

Alternative plays: Fist to Five, Roman Voting, Straw Poll

Follow-up plays: Fist to Five

See also: Dot Voting, Five-Fingered Consensus

Timing: Execution

Run time
2-10 minutes

Group size

Why: Leverage the collective wisdom of the group while providing a clear mechanism for decision-making

When: Use to end lengthy decisions in the need to make a final decision or reach a consensus on a specific issue or topic

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Instructions for running this play

  1. Let the decision maker of the group listen to each team member’s point of view and collective their interests.
    • Ask questions to gain clarity.
    • Share their own thoughts.
    • Ask for feedback before making a final decision
    • A precursor to this exercise could be Dot Voting, Roman Voting, Blind Voting, or any form of group voting.
  2. The Decider places the “decider dot” (with their initials) or vote on their final choice, determining the path, the idea, or concept the team will move forward with.

Tips to perfect this play

Master and adapt the play to fit your context and needs.

Tip: Two solutions is OK

The final dot can be duplicated if more than one solution is useful

Tip: Add Star votes

2-3 additional ‘star’-votes to be used to select individual ideas and bits from other concepts that should be added into the final concept

Tip: No roll-back

The Decider Vote is a critical milestone as the decision won’t be changed, rolled back or back-tracked. You are committing to the course of action 100%

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