Workshop Exercises: Decide

RACI Matrix Mapping

Clarify roles and responsibilities

Illustration of RACI Matrix Mapping
Run a RACI Matrix Mapping play

Alternative plays: Roles and Responsibilities

Follow-up plays: Who / What / When Matrix

Timing: Planning

Prep time
5 minutes

Run time
90 minutes

Group size

Why: Resolve task and ownership ambiguities and enhances team collaboration by ensuring accountability

When: Ideal when you initiate a new project or when a lack of role clarity slows down progress

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Instructions for running this play

Define who is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed

  1. Decide on a job or process that needs a RACI matrix
  2. List activities and roles. Create two lists:
    • Activities. For the activities inherent in that process
    • Roles, For the roles involved (e.g., “Product Manager” instead of “Tim”).
  3. Set up the matrix. On a large surface, write the work breakdown items vertically (left side) and the roles horizontally (top). This forms your RACI Matrix.
  4. Define Responsibilities. Work through the matrix, assigning levels of responsibility for each task to each role using the RACI codes:
    • Responsible (R): The person who does the work.
    • Accountable (A): The person accountable for the work (only one per task).
    • Consulted (C): Contributors who provide input through two-way communication.
    • Informed (I): People kept updated on progress through one-way communication.

      Proceed from the beginning to the end of the work breakdown, ensuring every task has clear responsibilities.
  5. Review and adjust. As you work through the matrix, adjust the work breakdown if needed. If assigning responsibility is challenging, consider breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable parts or removing irrelevant items.

The goal is clear responsibilities for every task, fostering a more efficient and effective team.

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