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Change is a journey, not a single step. It begins with setting a goal - an aspirational target that gives direction to our efforts and purpose to our actions. Goal-setting exercises can help empower teams to convert our aspirations into tangible aims, fostering consistent commitment towards the changes we seek.

These exercises allow us to establish measurable, specific objectives, driving us towards our desired end-state. Setting clear goals enables us to focus our efforts, ensuring that our daily activities contribute to the larger purpose.

Attempting to achieve something just outside our comfort zone can serve as a potent motivator, allowing us to flex our problem-solving muscles and attain a deeper sense of accomplishment.

These goal-setting workshops aim to:

  1. Motivate teams to put in the required effort.
  2. Encourage continued perseverance in relevant activities.
  3. Help teams remain focused on their goals, minimizing distractions.

Small and steady steps can lead to significant changes.

Dependency Mapping illustration
Dependency Mapping

Prevent upstream bottlenecks and unintended downstream effects

Future-Back Planning illustration
Future-Back Planning

Reverse engineering the future

Future Press Release illustration
Future Press Release

Focus the team on a desired future outcome and what the end state looks like

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Discover and organize the steps to achieve a specific goal

Objectives and Key Results illustration
Objectives and Key Results

Formulate clear goals and what you expect to accomplish to get there

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