Workshop Exercises: Define

Competitive Landscape

Position your brand relative to other companies

Illustration of Competitive Landscape
Run a Competitive Landscape play

Also called: Competitive Matrix

Timing: Planning

Prep time
10 minutes

Run time
45-60 minutes

Group size

Why: Uncover your company's market position and identify advantages and potential market gaps

When: As you launch a new product, enter a new market, or when you need clarity on your market position

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Instructions for running this play

  1. Set up. Draw a 2x2 matrix on a large surface. Customize the two axes with the traits that fit your positioning found or that you used in the Personality Sliders exercise. 
  2. List competitors. Conduct a 3 minute Silent Storming exercise, where participants note relevant companies in your space or industry. Let each participant choose the number one or two most important companies on their list and place sticky notes on the board for each.
  3. Position competitors. Together, place each sticky note on the matrix, discussing the company’s positioning. Repeat this for all sticky notes. As a final check, the facilitator asks the Decider if they’d like to adjust any placements.
  4. Plot your own company. Reflect on your positioning in relation to the other companies.
  5. Final call. The Decider makes the final decision on your company’s positioning.

Tips to perfect this play

Master and adapt the play to fit your context and needs.


Feel free to modify the traits for each axis to suit your specific context.


Encourage participants to think about both direct and indirect competitors


Ask participants to identify unique differentiators for your company based on the plotted landscape for deeper understanding


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