Workshop Exercises: Frame, Ideate

Forced Analogy

Compare your current situation to an unrelated one

Illustration of Forced Analogy
Run a Forced Analogy play

Timing: Discovery

Run time
30-45 minutes

Group size

Why: Break conventional thinking patterns by making connections with unrelated concepts

When: Ideal when facing complex problems that need fresh perspectives or creative solutions

This workshop exercise is part of the Workshop Patterns printed card deck.

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Instructions for running this play

  1. Find random objects. Ask participants to come up with a random and unrelated object (person, place, thing, or idea). Write the object names on individual sticky notes.
  2. Extract their qualities or attributes and write them on index cards:
    • An airplane flies through the air, along predefined routes, and has an autopilot feature
    • An oak tree has deep roots with wide branching structures and can live from a very small seed.
  3. Shuffle the cards and distribute them randomly
  4. Develop analogies. Use the cards to develop analogies to the problem or issues at hand:
    1. How is this problem similar to [random object]?
    2. How would I solve this problem with [random object]?

Tips to perfect this play

Master and adapt the play to fit your context and needs.

Tip: Hunt for objects

Spark energy and randomness into the exercise by letting participants hunt for random physical objects in their immediate surroundings. “You have 5 seconds to find an object that is BLUE!”

Tip: Group analogy

You can also work through one analogy as a group: “How would we use a clothing clip to solve our data import problem?”

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