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    Grow confidence to grow as a product professional

  • Validate ideas

    Get qualified sparring and help from people who survived the struggles you are going through.

  • Focus on what matters

    Get feedback on your ideas and filter away everything that won't move the needle.

  • Practical advice to move forward

    Get actionable advice on how you can make a change, today.

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How mentors on Learning Loop can help you

Build Skills

Learn how
Develop specific skills you want to improve in order to succeed in your career.

Grow Habits

Make the change
Learn how the best product teams have made the organizational change you're struggling with.

Get unstuck

Advice when you need it
Practical tips to move you forward with clarity and confidence

Career advice

Take the next step
Navigate career transitions, promotions and access a sounding board for career decisions.

Invest in yourself

You will carry what you learn at Learning Loop with you for the rest of your life.

Start focusing on what matters by gaining clarity and perspective.

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Book 1:1 sessions

Book mentors for one-off tactical advice or multiple sessions toward a long-term goal.

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Continuously assess your product skills

Track your habits, discover where you excel, but more importantly where you can grow.

Start tracking your habits
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Track your progress

In the midst of a busy schedule, real change can be hard to spot

Continuously listen

Get the real-time insight you need to take action.

Understand what matters the most

Identify opportunities to focus on and take swift action.

Discover where to improve

And match your improvement goals with mentors who can guide you.

Keep up good habits

You might understand what perfect looks like, but it is practising it every day that makes the real difference.

Track your progress

Learn faster with mentors

Learning is not a solo-project.

Let mentors guide you to what you need to learn to grow while asking questions, and discussing and challenging points along the way.

  • Personal advice on your product strategy

    The kind of feedback that lets you focus on what matters

  • Supercharge your ideas

    Brainstorm with some of the brightest product people in the world.

  • Get unstuck

    Whether its for one-off tactical advice or multiple sessions toward a long-term goal.

Get insights on topics such as

Customer Research Product Roadmaps OKRs Analytics & Metrics Dual Track Stakeholder management Product-Market fit Hiring Launch Prototyping Validation Product Discovery Business Models Tooling Team Topologies Risk Management Ethics Cross functional teams Product Trios Delivery Prioritization Product Strategy Product Visions Empowerment Leadership Pricing Enterprise SaaS Product Psychology Data vs Intuition Alignment Autonomy Training Go-to-Market strategy Research repository Data informed decisions Desired outcomes Continuous Discovery Burnout prevention How I got my job Remote collaboration Ways of working Culture Experimentation No-code Resilience & self-care Soft skills Transparency & vulnerability Psychological safety

Vetted & verified mentors

All mentors require 4+ years of experience in their respective industries and a visible passion for mentoring.

We screen mentors through interview before joining the platform to make sure that their mindset, merits, experience, and passion for mentoring and helping others succeed match our high standards.

We are here to help others succeed

For mentors, helping others succeed is rewarding and motivation in itself.

Mentors receive no direct financial compensation for their mentorship, but we do strive to make mentoring more than worthwhile for them and try to help them flourish in our community.

Money back guarantee

If you don't like what you get within the first 14 days, you will get your money back. No questions asked.

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