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The path to a successful workshop often starts with clarity - the ability to articulate a problem or an experiment in an easily understood way. It sets the direction of the discussion and serves as the launchpad for problem-solving or testing procedures.

A key to problem-solving is clearly understanding what we’re trying to achieve. This is when process of framing the problem is essential, providing multiple perspectives, preventing errors, and averting the creation of new problems.

We’ve all been tempted to leap straight into solution-finding. However, prematurely centering the problem around presumed solutions can lead to pitfalls. These Framing exercises guide you to separate the problem from its solution, preventing biases and assumptions from coloring the problem’s true nature.

The ability to frame and then reframe problems empowers us to make the best decisions possible. Arm yourself with the right tools to articulate, analyze, and redefine your problem or experiment clearly and effectively.

A well-framed problem or experiment is often half-solved.

Figure Storming illustration
Figure Storming

Imagine how a famous character, fictional or real, would tackle a problem

Forced Analogy illustration
Forced Analogy

Compare your current situation to an unrelated one

How Might We illustration
How Might We

Reframe insights and pain points into a solvable question

Hypothesis Statement illustration
Hypothesis Statement

Put your assumptions in context of your product to craft testable hypotheses

Job Stories illustration
Job Stories

Frame your product as something customers would 'hire' to complete a 'job'

Powers of Ten illustration
Powers of Ten

Reframe a challenge through frames of greater magnitudes

Problem Statement illustration
Problem Statement

Describe current conditions and the gap between now and then

Prototype Persona illustration
Prototype Persona

Craft specific archetypical profiles of who you are designing for and why

Storyboarding illustration

Expand an idea with context to better understand, communicate, and agree on it

The Anti-Problem illustration
The Anti-Problem

Solve the opposite of the real problem

Value Proposition Statement illustration
Value Proposition Statement

Summarize why a customer would choose your product or service

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