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The Demonstrate strategy provide clear guidance through practical examples or models of desired behavior. It is particularly effective when users require tangible demonstrations to understand how to interact with a product or service.

Designers should look to this category in situations where users benefit from visual or hands-on learning experiences, such as when introducing new features or complex processes.

Theoretical backgrounds within psychology, such as observational learning theory and social cognitive theory, support the effectiveness of the “Demonstrate” behavior strategies by emphasizing the impact of modeling and imitation on behavior. By incorporating Demonstrate strategies, designers can offer users tangible examples that facilitate understanding and encourage desired actions.

These behavior change strategies are part of the Persuasive Patterns printed card deck.

The Persuasive Patterns Card Deck is a collection of 60 design patterns driven by psychology, presented in a manner easily referenced and used as a brainstorming tool.

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Persuasive Technique


Link individual behaviors together into a final, complex action

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Persuasive Technique

Recognition over Recall

We are better at recognizing things than we are recalling them from memory

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Persuasive Technique

Role Playing

People act according to their persona

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Persuasive Technique


Break down complex tasks into small and easily completed actions

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Persuasive Technique


Give people first-hand insight into how inputs affect an output

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Persuasive Technique


We engage, understand, and remember narratives better than facts alone

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Persuasive Technique


Close off detours from a committed journey

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