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The Educate strategy works by expanding users’ knowledge or insight to inform decision-making. It becomes a relevant behavioral change strategy when there is a need to empowers users with the information needed to make informed choices. Designers often utilize Educate patterns when users lack understanding or awareness about a product or its benefits. Situations where clarity and comprehension are essential for driving behavior change are ideal for employing Educate strategies.

This category aligns with theoretical backgrounds such as cognitive psychology and information processing theories, which emphasize the importance of knowledge acquisition in decision-making processes. By leveraging Educate patterns, designers can equip users with the necessary insights to facilitate desired behaviors effectively.

These behavior change strategies are part of the Persuasive Patterns printed card deck.

The Persuasive Patterns Card Deck is a collection of 60 design patterns driven by psychology, presented in a manner easily referenced and used as a brainstorming tool.

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Analysis Paralysis illustration

Psychological Effect

Analysis Paralysis

Overwhelmed by choices, we struggle to make a decision

Cognitive Dissonance illustration

Psychological Effect

Cognitive Dissonance

When we do something that is not in line with our beliefs, we change our beliefs

Conceptual Metaphor illustration

Persuasive Technique

Conceptual Metaphor

We understand a new idea or concept by linking it to another

Delay Discounting illustration

Cognitive Bias

Delay Discounting

We tend to choose smaller immediate rewards over larger, later rewards

Inaction Inertia Effect illustration

Psychological Effect

Inaction Inertia Effect

We are less likely to buy having previously missed a more attractive offer

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