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The Restructure strategy holds significant relevance in design as it allows for subtle yet impactful alterations to physical or social environments, influencing behavior patterns.

Designers turn to this strategy when seeking to facilitate desired behaviors by modifying the context in which users interact with products or services. Situations where users’ behaviors are influenced by environmental cues or social norms are ideal for employing Restructure patterns.

This category aligns closely with theoretical frameworks such as social influence theories, which emphasize the profound impact of surroundings on behavior. By strategically restructuring environments, designers can effectively shape user behavior and drive desired outcomes.

These behavior change strategies are part of the Persuasive Patterns printed card deck.

The Persuasive Patterns Card Deck is a collection of 60 design patterns driven by psychology, presented in a manner easily referenced and used as a brainstorming tool.

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Decoy Effect illustration

Cognitive Bias

Decoy Effect

Create a new option that is easy to discard

Default Effect illustration

Psychological Effect

Default Effect

We are more likely to choose a pre-selected option

Framing Effect illustration

Psychological Effect

Framing Effect

The way a fact is presented greatly alters our judgment and decisions

Hedonic Adaptation illustration

Cognitive Bias

Hedonic Adaptation

We resume stable levels of happiness despite major positive or negative events

Loss Aversion illustration

Cognitive Bias

Loss Aversion

Our fear of losing motivates us more than the prospect of gaining

Risk Aversion illustration

Cognitive Bias

Risk Aversion

We avoid uncertainty and stick to what we know

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