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The Oblige behavior strategy focuses on increasing the expectation of costs or consequences of action. This strategy is particularly suitable when users need to be motivated to consider the potential downsides of their actions.

Designers should look to the Oblige category in situations where highlighting the negative outcomes of certain behaviors or inactions is crucial for driving behavior change.

Theoretical backgrounds within psychology, such as prospect theory and loss aversion, support the effectiveness of Oblige patterns by emphasizing the impact of perceived costs or consequences on decision-making. By incorporating Oblige strategies, designers can encourage users to make more informed choices and take actions aligned with desired outcomes.

These behavior change strategies are part of the Persuasive Patterns printed card deck.

The Persuasive Patterns Card Deck is a collection of 60 design patterns driven by psychology, presented in a manner easily referenced and used as a brainstorming tool.

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Authority Bias illustration

Cognitive Bias

Authority Bias

We have a strong tendency to comply with authority figures

Commitment & Consistency illustration

Persuasive Technique

Commitment & Consistency

We want to appear consistent with our stated beliefs and prior actions

Default Effect illustration

Psychological Effect

Default Effect

We are more likely to choose a pre-selected option

Reciprocity illustration

Persuasive Technique


We feel obliged to give when we receive

Reputation illustration

Psychological Effect


We adjust or personal behavior to reflect how we are perceived by others

Retaliation illustration

Persuasive Technique


People repay in kind

Sunk Cost Bias illustration

Cognitive Bias

Sunk Cost Bias

We are hesitant to pull out of something we have put effort into

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